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I do,but I say I dont.


i hear someone wanted some aus:

  • both wearing the exact same outfit on the metro au
  • two separate robbers breaking into the same house au
  • one is too short to reach a can of soup at the supermarket au
  • their dogs start uncontrollably barking at each other in the quiet vets office au
  • one accidentally punched the other in the face while gesturing wildly au
  • one breaking into the others house accidentally when drunk au
  • they had the same friends for multiple years but somehow never met until some birthday party au
  • 2 elite spies hired to stalk each other at the same time au


We’re not the good guys

joke is on you but what if Usui is actually blind and like bats she uses her voice to echolocate things.

So in rhyme battles she has to yell a lot to reflect on whats going on due to large amount of dudes,but around Sei/in private she sings or hums.



Athena from Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel

Cosplayer/Photographer: Its Raining Neon [DA | TW | FB]
She's the definition of a deadly superstition
She ain't got no opposition, little devil on a mission, eh
        She's burning up




a thrilling saga

TRACK NAME: Arigatou
ARTIST: Liz Triangle
TIMES PLAYED: 317 plays


Title: Arigatou (Thank You)

Vocals: Lily-an

Album: Poker Facer

Circle: Liz Triangle

Original: Apparitions Stalk The Night/ Maiden’s Cappricio~ Dream Battle